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Safety and Health Management System (SHMS)

The SHMS is more than a required submital at PDC.  It's a practical tool. 


With an engaged and actively caring culture, each crew member can go home from work the way they came in.  That drives every aspect of our safety program:

Our Safety Committee is dedicated: 

  • Meeting just to fulfill a requirement isn't the goal:  our committee wants to make real progress towards a safer work environment

  • The committee is made up of employees from various operational roles

Safety training is a priority:​​

  • PDC has in-house Authorized Trainer(s) for multiple industry certifications

  • Supervisor safety talks and "tailgate" meetings keep safety at top-of-mind awareness​

  • Certifications (as applicable):

    • OSHA 10/30

    • First Aid, CPR, AED, HazCom, MSDS, Fire Extinguisher

    • Heavy equipment operatorsEarth Moving Equipment, Forklift, Lifts, Vehicle Operator Safety Training (VOST)

  • Hazard prevention, control and communication plan:

    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)​

    • Jobsite inspections

Silica exposure:

  • OSHA silica compliance​

  • Exposure Control Plan and project-specific plans as applicable

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