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Over 25+ years PDC has built a solid reputation as a reliable and diverse construction company.  We grew from one man in a truck to one of the largest commercial hardscape subcontractors in the southeast.  Those unique capabilities propel our growth as a General Contractor building both horizontal and vertical projects across many sectors.

We consistently perform above expectations.  Why?

PDC truly cares about it's people and backs it up with investment.  We train for trade skills, safety, equipment operation, and management.  We provide quality tools, and we're an early adopter of new technologies that reduce physical demand and make the job exciting.  We also invest time - time to talk and listen, and time to let people grow. 

We have several in-house crews, a large and flexible fleet of equipment, a network of quality subcontractors, experienced management, and financial stability.

Doing things the right way is fundamental.  Be safe.  Be honest.  Be customer-focused.

Construction projects are complex.  PDC is committed to communication because it is critical for quality control, congruent expectations and accurate documentation.  

Hard Work
PDC has always been unsurpassed in our reliability and dedication to getting a job done.  We don't know any other way.

(what we do and how we do it)
PDC’s mission is two-fold:
1) Provide reliable value to all stakeholders by efficiently outperforming schedule requirements and consistently meeting quality specifications.

2) Actively foster personal development and responsibility for all team members by creating opportunity, providing training and truly caring.

Without 1, 2 can’t happen.  Without 2, 1 doesn’t matter. 


(what we want to become by accomplishing this mission)
To be an extraordinary story of growth and performance that generates pride and delight for all stakeholders.



(why, really?)
To be personally fulfilled and positively impact the day-to-day lives of others.

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